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Party! Party! Party!

Yes, it is true, the McPherson girls are throwing a party. Now, while it won't be the 'bash of the year' that Brooke McQueen is throwing, I still think it will be fun. Sam, me, Lily, Harrison, Carmen, and Izzy (who is in my art class).

Look, Mom! I made a friend. :D

Anywho, the party is slated to start around 6 or 7, but Lily is coming over early to do the video store run with me. Harrison, I assume you're coming over early too, right?

My Finest Hour...so far...

So my horrible, no good, very bad morning the other day was more than made up for by the afternoon. Lily and I not only managed to get some FANTASTIC shots of our lacrosse team...but there are now posters throughout school showing said shots. I would have said something a little earlier (I apologize for the late entry) but you never know how the administration is going to react and the last thing mom needs is another phone call telling her I'm in trouble...

But enough of that. I'm beginning to turn into sloppy emotional girl or something. First Sammy and I and now this...

I'd do better off to just concentrate on Friday. And the party of doom. Which reminds me, I need to make a list.


Midday Report

So I walk into school this morning and I am accosted by our headcheerleader who then accuses me of having run into her earlier. Did she miss the part where I had JUST WALKED IN??? Apparently, she had run into Sam earlier and thought I was her. You think in the last however many years, Brooke would have at least noticed there were two of us. But no. Why would she? It wasn't about her.

Ugh. Listen to myself. I'm turning into Sam. All I want to do is go to school, go to class, and then go home. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently. Because my run in with Barbie was immediately followed by Bio -- an all around heinous experience. And then there was lunch. Which ended with me and Sam fighting.

Though Lily and I have something planned that might just save the day.

Back Home

Yes, it's true, I'm back home as of this morning. It's a little weird being home after spending three months in what basically was a hotel with therapy. I feel a little out of place. Sam was telling me about what she, Harrison, and Lily did this summer and it was odd to not be a part of it -- or to not at least witness it, you know?

But that did not, at all, diminish the absolute joy I felt at seeing my bed, with my pillows, and my puppy sheets. Yep. Big Bad Caitlin has puppy sheets. Do you have a problem with this? Didn't think so.

Mom leaves for her cruise on Monday. I'm thinking of throwing a small get together while she's away...nothing big, just some food and a bit of music. Any takers?

We'll talk.

Life as Usual

I talked to Mom earlier today. She and Sam will be here first thing Friday morning to get me. She sounds excited, which I admit, helps calm my nerves. But I realize now, it's not Mom I'm worried about. It's Sammy.

I'm not supposed to dwell on it. Apparently I'm just supposed to wait and see what happens, remembering that I can't make people think one way or the other. But how can I not dwell on it? Sam's not just my sister, she's my twin. She HAS to forgive me.

In other worlds, Mom's going on a trip next week. A cruise, I think. She told me she'd stay if I wanted her to, but I think it would be good for her to go. Not only will it give her a chance to get away, but it will give me and Sammy some time to catch up without Mom around.

Mom's great...but sometimes it's easier to do things without her there, you know?


Yes. Homegoing is now a word. I would have titled this entry "homecoming", but I haven't actually come home yet. I am, however, going home. On Friday. After three months. It's really exciting and kind of terrifying all at the same time.

I've wanted to go home since the moment I got here. I didn't want to believe I had a problem. And there were nights that first week that I thought about running away -- going home or anywhere. But now that I'm actually going home...now that it's all official, I'm scared.

I've only seen Sammy for what probably amounts to a week this entire summer. I've seen Mom only a little less than that. To have to face them every day now...it's a bit intimidating. I have no idea how they're going to react. Are they going to be mad, are they going to be overly cautious, or is everything going to just go back to normal? The uncertainty is maddening.

Mom says she can't wait for me to come home. That she's got some big news she wants to share.

Guess we'll see what happens come Friday.

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